Board of Directors

Brenda A. Cline


Brenda A. Cline became a director in 2015.  Since 1993, Ms. Cline has served as executive vice president, chief financial officer, treasurer, and secretary of the Kimbell Art Foundation, a p... read more

Anthony V. Dub


Anthony V. Dub became a director in 1995. Mr. Dub is Chairman of Indigo Capital, LLC, a financial advisory firm based in New York. Before forming Indigo Capital in 1997, he served as an office... read more

Allen Finkelson


Allen Finkelson became a director in 1994. Mr. Finkelson was a partner at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP from 1977 to 2011, with the exception of the period 1983 through 1985, when he was a... read more

James M. Funk

Lead Independent Director

James M. Funk became a director in December 2008 and was elected as lead independent director in 2015. Mr. Funk is an independent consultant and oil and gas producer with over 30 years of experie... read more

Christopher A. Helms


Mr. Helms has over 39 years of experience in the energy industry, principally in the midstream sector. Mr. Helms is the President and Chief Executive Officer of US Shale Energy Advisors LLC and subsid... read more

Robert A. Innamorati


Robert A. Innamorati became a director in 2016. Mr. Innamorati has served as President of Robert A. Innamorati & Co., a private investment and advisory firm, since 1995. Mr. Innamorati served as a... read more

Mary Ralph Lowe


Mary Ralph Lowe became a director in 2013. Ms. Lowe has been president and chief executive officer of Maralo, LLC, (formerly Maralo, Inc.), an independent oil and gas exploration and production c... read more

Gregory G. Maxwell


Gregory G. Maxwell became a director in September 2015. Mr. Maxwell served as executive vice president, Finance, and chief financial officer for Phillips 66, a diversified energy manufacturing and log... read more

Kevin S. McCarthy


Kevin S. McCarthy became a director in 2005. Mr. McCarthy is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner for Kayne Anderson Fund Advisors ("Kayne Anderson"). Mr. McCarthy is responsible for master limited partn... read more


Steffen E. Palko


Steffen E. Palko, Ed.D., became a director in 2016. Mr. Palko was co-founder of XTO Energy Inc., serving as President and Vice-Chairman from 1986 to 2005, which became the largest independent natur... read more


Jeffrey L. Ventura

Chairman, President & CEO

Jeffrey L. Ventura, chairman, president & chief executive officer, joined Range in 2003 as chief operating officer and became a director in 2005. Mr. Ventura was named President effective May... read more